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The unimaginable has happened… The girl next door has achieved near-celebrity status! The old grandpa has amassed millions of followers! The farm girl from rural China has global visibility! Why? Influencer culture has revolutionized the media industry, putting so-called ‘regular people’ at the forefront of entertainment. Although we saw this trend emerge with the advent of social media, the pandemic shot many of these creators to stardom, when people became ravenous for relatable & funny content.

Today, social media influencers on platforms like Youtube, Instagram & TikTok are raking in millions of dollars by developing content that spans across a multitude of genres. From educational to motivational and comedic content, some content creators have become globally recognized household names. In this blog, we delve into the nuances of how they achieve this, extract the essence of their success and learn how to apply it to your business marketing services & strategy, whether you’re a business owner or aspiring marketing guru!

Your Social Media Is Your Brand Personality – Flaunt it!


Here’s the incredible thing about social media: It allows you to carve out a niche for yourself by showcasing the full spectrum of your brand’s personality, beyond just your website. While influencers use social platforms to share their own personality, you can connect with existing & potential customers simultaneously, making it the perfect space to share company values, culture and updates.

Take a look at RyanAir, an Irish airline company that has used Instagram to brand themselves as youthful, edgy and funny. Their posts have garnered a reach so wide that people have begun to follow it just for entertainment! Today, RyanAir has about 1.4 million followers on Instagram alone.


Collaboration Creates Community – And customers will reward you for it!


Social media provides the opportunity to dissolve the disconnect between brands and their consumers, bringing them closer to one another. Influencer culture thrives on interactive experiences, and when influencers collaborate with one another, it drives up viewership by harnessing the cumulative engagement of both profiles. Similarly, when companies reach out to their customers for content contributions, this helps boost engagement while also showcasing the quality of the product.

When customers see a product being used by a community that they are a part of, they see connection, resonance & relatability. Take a look at Canon – they share images taken by Canon users to show the immense capacity of their product, while leaning on the creativity of their customers. The result? Existing customers aspire to be featured on the Canon social media pages, share and tag more photographs, while potential customers see first-hand what their top-notch cameras are capable of without ever stepping into a showroom. A similar campaign can be applied to nearly any product or service, including hospitality.


Let People See The Real You Through Stories – The good, bad & ugly.

An influencer knows that posts and reels aren’t enough to drive engagement or foster a sense of community. Stories allow for a way to share quick updates of day-to-day life, while also creating space for interactions through features like ‘Ask Me A Question’, polls, quizzes & more. As a company you would do well to remember that bombarding your audience with ads in Stories can lower engagement. Instead, take this opportunity to show them the real you! Utilize Stories to offer behind-the-scenes glimpses, share office culture, conduct polls, & showcase customer testimonials. This fosters a deeper connection and humanizes your brand – an essential part of any social media endeavor today.

Influencer culture shows us that sharing your losses & bad days can be just as (if not more) powerful and engaging as sharing your victories. Take a look at this influencer, Sabrina M. Flores, who shares stories about her experience with Borderline Personality Disorder to spread awareness about the condition. Yet, she never forgets to post messages of gratitude and positivity. The lesson here is to embrace the dark & light in equal measure!


The Narrative Takes Precedence Over Product – User generated content is your friend.

Here’s the deal. Companies love user generated content, and so do influencers because they can profit from paid partnerships. While this can be a very easy way to create content around your product or service, the most successful influencers are the ones who pick & choose the products they advertise. When the values of the company align with the values of the influencer, magic happens! Why? Because the influencer has already carved out a niche that fits your product perfectly, and as a result can build effective and relatable content around it.

If you are offering influencer marketing services to other businesses or leveraging it for your own, it’s essential to find the right influencer for your cause. For instance, if your business focuses on inclusive beauty products, you might consider collaborating with an influencer like Monica Ravichandran (see reel below) who educates her audience about brown-skin friendly make-up products. Monica knows her audience and she chooses to partner with companies that resonate with her values. Her success is a testament to the value of her content. The lesson here? Your vibe attracts your tribe!


Social Media Is A Springwell For User Feedback – Listen & act accordingly.

Last but never least, is using social media as a channel for user feedback. Influencers across the world often ask their followers to suggest content ideas, or send them links of products to review. This makes followers feel as though they are part of the process, and also helps influencers figure out what type of content their followers really want to see. 


For example, the Youtube creator ‘Hey It’s Honeysuckle’ does product reviews and often asks her followers to send in products they want to see reviewed! Your business can take a leaf from her book, press your ear to the door and listen closely for user feedback and suggestions. 


Use this feedback to improve your offerings and acknowledge the contributions of your audience! It will make them feel seen & heard, and is sure to bring them back for more!



Learning About Marketing Services From Influncer Culture – A lesson to remember!

And that’s a wrap! Remember, when you’re using influencers as inspiration for your marketing services & strategy, look to a digital content creator who fits your customer profile and values – they’re sure to have the best tips & tricks for your business niche! Want a hand with expanding your social media presence? Get in touch with our team of experts to create impactful content & foster a sense of community around your products and services! Email us at [email protected] for a free consultation.

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