What Makes An Effective Digital Content Marketing Strategy

Digital Content Marketing Strategies can only be effective if the right content is targeted to customers on the right channel, at the right time. Whilst content type and channel is important, so are content economics, paying attention to long-tail, and Evergreen content strategies to maximise organic reach.

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We often find that once paid digital advertising is reduced, customers web traffic drop. Whilst it seems rather obvious for this to happen, we often ask ourselves whether this should be the case? 

Most times, we find that paid digital advertising efforts offer short term traffic, click-throughs, engagement and conversion. We call this the short- tail. Topical blog content such as news reporting also falls in this category, where readers interest wane after the sensation is over. There are however enduring topics that we recommend our customers provide insights and content on to capitalize on the long-tail. Many of our clients often have a world of insights and knowledge on their particular industry, and we encourage them to write about things that customer care about and will be interested in for years to come.

We found a good example of long-tail evergreen content where users searched for and found content in 2023, which was developed in 2011. It ranked highly still a decade later.

Having a deliberate approach to content strategies and content libraries via a content hub can reduce content production costs considerably. Instead of developing new content from scratch, our clients that manage their content effectively allows them to re-use their existing content, making it quicker and more cost effective to get to market, allowing for agile content operations.



Centralising content operations, storing, accessing, distributing and protecting of content is something that every business needs to think about. 

Another important aspects of content marketing is being able to connect with customers on the right digital channels, with the right content. Imagine a customer being asked to watch a long form 2 min video with audio, on Social Media, in the middle of a busy work day at the office? Now imagine that same customer being asked to do so during downtime on a weekend. The impact of the content is different with higher levels of brand / ad recall, higher propensity to click on call to actions, and thus more conversions for your brand and business. 

Clearly there is the best time, place, channel and format for content marketing. Getting this right matters if you want effective results.

Whatever your content needs are, whether for Paid, Owned, or Earned channels, 444 Media are able to assist you.









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