Confidently expand your digital ecosystem with robust and scalable applications built by our highly skilled digital product team.

When Apple famously coined the phrase “There’s an app for that” in 2009, there were roughly 100,000 apps available in their store. By 2021, that figure had gone up to 2.2 million, with another 3.5 million available in the Google Play Store. If there wasn’t an app for it then, there certainly is now.

Despite the sheer volume of apps on the market, only a small percentage of them are successful. At 444 MEDIA, we help clients become part of that small percentage by building well-designed apps using robust and reliable development architecture, backed by a clear strategy and roll-out plan.  

Our Process

Discovery &

Design & Development

App Rollout

Before beginning on any app development project, our digital product team will sit down with you – either virtually or in-person – to understand the consumer need that your idea is trying to fill and to validate the technical feasibility of converting that idea into a mobile app development.

At this stage, we will also help you to clearly define your objectives and your target users, as well provide recommendations on monetization strategies if applicable.

Once our team has a clear understanding of all requirements and we’ve aligned with you on a MVP (minimum viable product), we will then proceed with a visual mockup of the app’s frontend. Any necessary tweaks will be made based on your feedback and, upon receiving approval, our app developers will get down to coding. 

We are experienced in iOS App DevelopmentAndroid App Development and Hybrid App Development. Not sure whether to go with a Native or Hybrid build? Our team will help you to weigh the pros and cons of each so that you can make an informed decision on the best solution for your particular project.

With a thoroughly tested MVP in place, it’s time to take your app to market. The amount and type of marketing support required at this stage will depend on your target user base and objectives, so 444 MEDIA will provide a tailored recommendation and then help you to execute flawlessly.  

Tracking the right metrics is also key to a successful app launch and we provide you with the reporting and analysis needed to ensure that you’re able to effectively prioritize features for future iterations of your app.