E-commerce | 2021

The Brand

illy is an internationally recognized brand of premium coffee that has been operating since 1933. Their coffee, machines, and accessories are distributed in Thailand by Italasia Trading Thailand, who brought on 444 Media as their preferred digital marketing partner in September of 2021.

The Challenge
While illy has strong brand awareness in markets throughout the world, their market penetration in Thailand had not reached its full potential. An ecommerce site had been developed, but was generating limited traffic and revenue.
The Solution
illy y3.3 iperEspresso Light Blue Coffee Machine
A full onsite audit of illy’s ecommerce site was conducted, revealing a wide range of issues with site structure, page speed and metadata, all of which were promptly addressed. At the same time, Google Ads and Facebook Ads were launched with the objective of driving both general brand awareness, as well as high value traffic to the illy site. Broad targeting was initially used to reach a large audience and then eventually refined to target those that were most likely to purchase illy products, including retargeting those that had already visited the ecommerce store.

Email marketing was later added to their digital marketing initiatives, with a focus on stimulating sales during promotional periods and keeping illy top of mind among existing customers.

The Result

In the short period of one month, 444 Media was able to more than double illy Thailand’s online transactions and quadruple their online revenue. The growth continued with an average 24% month-over-month increase over the next four months. Not only did revenue increase, but as 444 Media gained more insights with each consecutive campaign, performance marketing was optimized and costs reduced.

1 %
Increase in website revenue
1 %
Increase in New Users
1 %
Increase in # of Transactions